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We share kindness and care whilst empowering our Community


ARK Eastleigh was started in 2008 when a local School requested help supporting a few local families. Since then ARK Eastleigh has developed into a Charity and supports people all over the area of Eastleigh.

ARK Eastleigh is supported by many local Churches businesses and local people to see kindness at the center of all we do.


Our Vision

Our Vision is of a caring and connected community where everyone contributes and enjoys life to the full.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to serve the vulnerable and excluded in our community through practical acts of kindness, befriending, and informal advocacy. We work in partnership with other local organisations to reduce social isolation and empower families and individuals to overcome the challenges they face.

Our Values

​Our Values are Faith, Love & Hope.


Faith - Our Christian faith inspires and directs all we do

We understand our own limitations and look to God to provide all that is needed.

We build others’ faith in us by;

communicating regularly, clearly, and honestly;

listening to and learning from feedback ;

managing our resources wisely.

Love - We make every effort to build healthy relationships with clients, partner organisations, supporters, volunteers, and employees realising that our actions speak louder than our words.

We are in no position to judge those we serve and respond compassionately to all those seeking help.

We build relationships with patience, persistence, gentleness, and kindness.

We recognise that every individual is unique and significant and has something to contribute.

Hope - We have hope in every situation and respond prayerfully and creatively to challenges.

We are happy to give an answer to anyone who asks about our hope in Jesus though we are careful never to impose our beliefs on others.

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