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Why is ARK Eastleigh closing? There are several reasons why ARK Eastleigh is closing. We have been proud of the ‘randomness’ of the support we deliver to clients across Eastleigh, however, this has also made it difficult when describing the work we do when applying for grants and encouraging donations. The rising cost of living has affected everyone, and sadly we are not immune to this. We had hoped to increase our staff numbers, but sadly this was not sustainable long term. Along with this, we have struggled with our volunteer numbers and health issues within our team. The Trustees felt that the combination of these reasons meant that it was the best decision to close ARK at the end of this year.


How will those who have been supported by ARK Eastleigh be supported now? We have made sure all the clients on our books have been informed of ARK Eastleigh’s closure in good time, so this shouldn’t be a surprise to them. We have advised them of other organisations in the area that can support them in similar ways. Some of our volunteers have built up supportive relationships with clients, and some of these may continue but this will not be related to ARK Eastleigh.


I make regular donations to ARK Eastleigh, what happens now? You should have been contacted by our Treasurer to inform you of plans to close, and the next steps. If you are still making regular donations and have not received any communication, please contact


What happens to any leftover funds that ARK Eastleigh holds at the time of closure? Where possible, we will try to distribute funds to local organisations with a similar mission to ARK Eastleigh. We have put a hold on any fundraising activity due to our planned closure.


I am subscribed to ARK Eastleigh communications (Newsletters etc.), what happens to my data now? Under GDPR law, you have the right to have your personal data removed if it’s no longer needed for the original purpose it was collected. It is our responsibility to delete all personal data or other leads to the data once the charity closes under the Data Protection Act 2018. If you have a question that hasn’t been answered here, please do feel free to email

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